The Cypriot Government has established a number of incentives to attract foreign direct investment into the country. One of these is a citizenship by investment program that grants full Cypriot citizenship to those that invest more than EUR 2 million in real estate and who meet certain other requirements. Successful applicants and their dependent children gain the right to live, work and study in all 28 EU member countries.


Cyprus Citizenship vs Other Programmes:

  1. No need to physically reside in Cyprus
  2. No need to abandon current nationality
  3. No language requirements
  4. No interviews during the application process
  5. No tax implications
  6. No donation required to local government 
  • Time to citizenship of an EU member state in 3/6 months
  • Visa-free travel to over 150 countries around the world
  • Live, work, and study in all 28 EU countries
  • residency requirement none
  • World-class healthcare and education system
  • Family spouse, dependents up to age 28 & parents of main applicant